Servants In Ministry

Auxiliaries, Departments & Ministries

Lady Sara Ellison

Pastor's Wife

YWCC President

Elder Johnathan  Lockett

Administrative Assistant

Young Adult President

New Members Coordinator

Deacon Terry Haynes

Deacon’s Board Chairman

Trustee Board Member

Mother Mary L. Brown

Mother’s Board President

Missionary Dylene Brown

Church Secretary

Evangelist Mary K. Jones

Prayer & Bible Band Pres.

Missionary Board Advisor

Elder Michael Banks

Ministerial Alliance President

New Members Instructor

Dr. Ruby H. Ellison

Outreach Ministry Pres.

Mother’s Board Advisor

Pastor’s Aid President

New Members Instructor

Elder Caminiti Coachman

Department of Evangelism President

Multi-Purpose Facility Manager

Media Ministry Advisor

Mother Janice Cole

Mission’s President

Sister Shandressa Wade

Minister of Music

Missionary Rolanda Jones

Assistant Minister of Music

Missionary Lynette Ridgeway

Sunday School Superintendent

Elder Rodrick Caldwell

Youth Pastor

Sister Adelia Russell

Youth Coordinator

Evangelist Deborah Siler

Children’s Coordinator

Precious Jewels Director

Sunshine Band President

Mother Emma Smith

Christian Women Council President

Sister Leona Siler

Culinary & Bereavement Care

Sister Rena Turner

Hospitality President

Mother Betty Holt

President of Junior Mother’s Board

Missionary Grace Daniels

Missionary Circle President

Sister Miranda Russell

Membership Secretary

Sister Jan Jackson

Singles Ministry President

Brother Jonathan Holloway

L. M. Wade Memorial Usher Board

Sister Brittney Clark

Liturgical Dance Coord.

Sister Tachae Wright

Media Ministry Director

Evangelist Connie Banks

Flag Ministry Coordinator

Deacon Johnny Griffin

Achiever’s for Life Coord.

Evangelist Stacy Ramsey

Children's Ministry Director

Follow-Up Ministry President

Harris Temple has a very interesting journey in which few to none are able to accurately account when the church was actually formed. Harris Temple, formerly known as Elba Church of God in Christ is believed to have started in the early 20s in a building behind the home of Scott & Christine Lindsey on Adams Street. The saints held prayer meetings and bible studies on a weekly basis and began to search for a preacher to help them organize a church.


Phone: 334.897.2332


747 Adams Avenue

Elba, Alabama 36323

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Harris Temple Church of God In Christ - Elba, Alabama