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An old church saying that I have heard for many years; “Many were called, but few were chosen.” Genesis 37:5-11 shows how Joseph was one of the chosen vessels.  Joseph had dreams and his own family envied him and were not receptive of who he was or what was within him. The dismissal by Joseph’s family did not change the mind of God concerning him neither did it change the mind of Joseph. He knew what was within him, Joseph made a conscious decision that his DREAM would LIVE!


I want to encourage someone, even though others may have talked down to your gift, talent, and anointing; God has not changed his mind concerning what he has called you to do. Make the declaration that the gift within you SHALL LIVE and PROSPER. Romans 11:29 states, For the gift and callings of God, are without repentance. In simple terms, God is not going to take back that which he has given you, he is not an Indian giver. Don’t allow someone else to approve or disapprove what God called you to do. Be confident in who God has called you to be in this season of your life.

Your level of confidence must meet God’s calling on your life. Joseph was so unbothered
by the commentary his family was throwing his way that he kept on dreaming. Just keep pursing and being confident in what God has put within you. Hold your head up and walk in the callings of God and watch him manifest himself on your behalf through your obedience and sacrifice.