Harris Temple has a very interesting journey in which few to none are able to accurately account when the church was actually formed. Harris Temple, formerly known as Elba Church of God in Christ is believed to have started in the early 20s in a building behind the home of Scott & Christine Lindsey on Adams Street. The saints held prayer meetings and bible studies on a weekly basis and began to search for a preacher to help them organize a church.


Elder T.M. Allen who was also a Superintendent was sent to Elba to help this group of saints formally organize the church. Elder M.W. Davis would come on the scene and later become the Pastor of the Elba Church of God in Christ in the mid-30s. It is believed that Elder W.T. Harris began pastoring Elba Church of God in Christ in 1942 in which the church was named in his honor. Elder W.T. Harris was elevated to Superintendent of Troy District & was also made an Auxiliary Bishop under Bishop Riley F. Williams. He also served as the State Secretary for Alabama Jurisdiction #1 in the 50s.  He served as Pastor for 50+ years and in 1994 he passed away at the age of 83. After Auxiliary Bishop WT Harris health began to decline Bishop O.L. Meadows appointed Elder William K. Ellison as Co-Pastor of Harris Temple, First time it was ever done in the History of Alabama Jurisdiction #1 COGIC, and later came back to install him as the Pastor of Harris Temple COGIC.


Elder WK. Ellison was elevated to the office of Superintendent of Brewton District in 2004. The first church mother of Harris Temple COGIC was the late Mother Christine Lindsey. Mother Lindsey passed away in the 1940s. Mother Nola White was then appointed succeeding Church Mother. Mother White served until 1960. Mother Moore held as the longest serving church mother in the History of Harris Temple COGIC. She served for more than 30 years. After her passing the Mother Odessa Pruitt was appointed as President of the Mother’s Board & In 1991 Mother Melonease Shipman was appointed Church Mother. 2015, Mother Mary Brown was appointed President of the Mother’s Board.


Harris Temple COGIC served faithfully on the Dothan (now Davis/McLeod District), Evergreen (dissolved), Troy District and now the Brewton District.

The Declaration Of Our Affirming Faith

Understanding Our Beliefs


To seek and save that which is lost.

The Church of God in Christ, Inc. (COGIC) is a Christian organization in the Holiness-Pentecostal tradition. The church is the largest Pentecostal denomination in the United States with more than 6.5 million members. We have congregations in 63 countries around the world. We are rich in history and passionate in our beliefs to fulfill God’s purpose in the earth.